About Us

Inspired from the streets of Toronto, AlterFocus was created to help communities in reaching their photographic roles and vision. 

AlterFocus specialises in helping small businesses and individuals who want to boost their portfolio, social media or digital presence or want an affordable photographer for their upcoming events. 

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About The Cameraman

Hey there, I am Saurav Pasrija, a graduate of Toronto Film School. Over a span of 5 years, I have acquired immense experience in the field of media and journalism and have contributed passionately for various indie projects by collaborating with talented film directors and artists.


I started out as an amateur photographer who just bought a Canon and was interning for Disney, Florida and then gradually improved my skill-set to be a 2nd Assistant Camera followed by 1st Assistant Camera. I have also worked as Director of Photography for 5+ Documentaries and 4 Music Videos and have covered over 20+ events ranging from Weddings, Tattoo Conventions, Graduation and University Festivals.

If you’re looking for a photography or a cinematography project for your social media, business or for your portfolio, and you need a professional that will bring your vision to life, trust me, I am your Guy.

Still have questions or want to see more of my work? Feel free to hit me up with your queries and I will gladly get in touch.

You could reach out to me through the below contact form or follow me on my Instagram to stay connected.

Looking forward to working with you!